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Help - Ranking

Rankings allows you to produce a swimmer ranking for any age group and event. You can search for swims after a certain date or "all time". By default it will look at the state level.

Below is an example of what the screen would look like.


Age Group:
Age Calculated as at:
Competitions after:
Show Top:

Use this screen to select your exact requirements for the rankings request. If you are looking for an all-time ranking request then leave the "Competitions after" field blank.

Course Is the length of the competition pool. Long Course (50m) or Short Course (25m). Open Water is also available for Open Water swims.
Distance Note that not every stroke does some of the longer events.
Age Group The age group can be calculated as of the date of the swim meet competition or as of today's date for those that like to use that information to make predictions for future meets.
Competition After This date can be left blank for an "All-time" ranking. Normally entered as a date in the form of day month year (ie: 1 July 2009). This can be used to work out the ranking for the current season by putting in the start of the season.
Include Relay Lead-off Times If your ranking results needs to include the first swimmer in a relay, then tick this tickbox. Note: Some splits for relays result in some weird times brought up. This feature requires a Login.
Club, State or National Rankings Allows the rankings to be produced at a club level, state level or national level. Note that club and national levels require a login. The State level can be accessed by a guest level but it still requires a country and state to be selected at the Login page.

Once you have set the rankings criteria - press the search button and the results will be displayed. If you have logged in and there are splits available for the event, you may also be presented with a "Virtual Pool" so you can see how the top ranked swimmers swim their own race and how it compares with others.