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Useful information about a particular swimmer.



Displays a list of the swim meets coming up. The calendar can also include when the meet entries are due and also list other events such as training courses or AGM's.

Has a couple of different views. The main view is a calendar form showing the current month. Use the arrows to change months.

There are also extracts or data feeds available which can be used populate other calendars. A useful extract might be the iCalendar feed () which can be integrated with the calendar in Microsoft Outlook to display a particular calendar for state or nation.


Used to look at the top ranked swimmers in each age group for each event.

As a subscriber to My Swim Result - the rankings can also be done at a national level and show more than just the top 10 swimmers.

If you are logged in a guest and the rankings produce a list of swimmers from another state or country - go back to the Login page and check which country and state you have selected.

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Contacting Support

If you have further issues, please contact us. You can also click on the bug () found in the bottom right corner of of every page.

Alternatively ring Biz AnyWare on 08 9226 4990.

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Biz AnyWare
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Compare a members splits for a particular event. This report can display the splits for an event - why not compare it against how that person swam the race at a different swim meet.

Compare event Finalists splits for a particular race. Look at the splits for the finalists for a particular race. Choose particular swimmers to list on the graph to compare how they swam their race.

Some features mentioned here may not be available to your subscription level.