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My Swim Results Terms of Use

My Swim Results to allow the collection and processing of swim meet results to produce a range of reports and features. The Meet Results are also used as part of our Online Entries system - allowing meet organisers to accept swim meet entries online. The membership at club, state and national level's is also maintained which allows our "membership services" to provide clubs with membership registrations online.

This privacy policy describes how My Swim Results collects and uses this information.


Please refer to our separate Privacy Policy.

Shared Content

  • You retain the ownership and information that you post on My Swim Results.
  • Any content that is submitted to My Swim Results is granted non-exclusive, royalty-free worldwide license. Written permission needs to be obtained in order to be able to use the content of this website for any other purpose.
  • Any feedback or suggestions submitted will be considered without any obligation to implement. Biz AnyWare reserves to the right to not compensate for any suggestions.
  • You will not post unauthorised commercial communications.
  • You will not collect any of the content from the website using any automated means without prior written permission from Biz AnyWare.
  • You will not upload any virus or malicious script or programs.
  • Attachments containing personally identifiable content (other than Name, Club and age group) should not be uploaded.
  • You will not use any other user account other than your own. With the exception of swimmers parents or guardians who can login to the system as their children’s login.
  • Any posts should be carefully considered before the post is submitted. Treat others with the same level of respect that you yourself expect from others.
  • Bullying, intimidation or harassment will not be tolerated and may result in the subscription being cancelled.
  • Any distasteful, unlawful, discriminatory, malicious, threatening, pornographic or violent content will not be tolerated and may result in the subscription being cancelled.
  • Any activity which could disable or impair the My Swim Results website functionality or appearance will not be tolerated and may result in the subscription being cancelled.
  • You will not share your username and password with anyone.
  • You will not claim another swimmers profile as your own.
  • Any posts or attachments that have been removed for policy violations have the right of appeal.

Mobile, Table and other devices using Mobile networks

Please be aware that using the Mobile network to access the My Swim Results features and services may incur fees from your mobile carrier. These costs are between you and your mobile provider. Please select a mobile data account that is suitable for your own needs.


Payments can be made online through the My Swim Results website and our payment gateway.

Payments made through the Online system attract a transaction fee which is equivalent to 2.5% of the total amount (including GST) plus an additional $0.30. This amount does not attract GST. This is to cover the costs associated with payment gateway. Note: This will be reviewed by My Swim Results on an annual basis.

Annual Subscriptions, renewals, Swim Meet Entries, sales and all membership registration fees are subject to Australian GST.

Payments will be made in Australian dollars. International payments will be subject to the currency conversion rate at the time of the payment.

Refunds will be on a case-by-case basis. Refunds for Meet Entries will need prior approval from the meet host.

Online Entries

Online entries functionality allows swim meet organisers to allow meet entries to be taken online. This service is provided on a 5.5% commission basis which covers the transaction fees and administration of the entries. Meet Organisers can choose to absorb the commission as part of the entry fees or add it separately.

Note: Should the commission on the entry not cover the transaction fee - the commission will automatically be waived and a surcharge equal to the estimated transaction fee will be added.

Statistics are provided on the entries which can indicate how popular the swim meet is in terms of entrants. Intrim entries files can also be downloaded so that the Swim Meet time-lines can be monitored.

Whilst refunds for swim meet entries are possible - these can incur additional fees.

Refunds will only be offered to swimmers up to 2 weeks before entries close. In the last 2 weeks before entries close - refunds will only be organised once a medical certificate has been provided. Once entries close, refunds will only to offered when a medical certificate is provided or at the request of the host of the meet. Medical Certificates need to be supplied to My Swim Results up to 1 week past the meet - after that time, the meet host will have the entry fees.

Entries system can accept opposite course times however in the case of a Long Course swim meet accepting Short Course entry times - the entries times will appear in the resultant Entries file as the events qualifying time rather than the Short Course Time. Long Course entry times can be used in a Short Course Swim Meet.

Membership Services

Membership services can be enabled for a club, state and national organisation and provides the ability for clubs, state and national administrators to accept member registrations online. This service is provided on a 6% commission basis which covers the transaction fees and administration. The system works with each level of the organisation including it's fees for each membership type. These fees are then used to disperse the portions of the membership registrations directly to each organisations bank account electronically. The dispersal of the fee portions typically happens once a week however it will be more regular during "peak" times.

Membership Fees are paid out to the various clubs and associations. Once paid out, the fees are not refundable.

Any organisation wanting to use this facility will need to provide their banking details on letterhead either directly to My Swim Results or via their responsible State or National Organisation.

Prepaid Subscription Certificate

A prepaid subscription certificate offers a set number of users to claim their own profile and create user logins. These certificates are valid for 1 year or at the sole discretion of Biz AnyWare – can be adjusted.

API Usage

If you are a developer integrating the My Swim Results platform into your own application, the following conditions and limitations will apply:-

  • Your API Username and Password is not passed on to another party or used in another unrelated application.
  • You only access information that is appropriate for your application.
  • You do not share the information with a 3rd party outside of your application unless you have written permission from Biz AnyWare and it complies with our Privacy Policy
  • Without a Financial Contract with Biz AnyWare - you will be limited to 100 API requests a month.
  • You will keep Biz AnyWare up-to-date with any changes to your contact details for the application.
  • You provide your own customer support for your application.
  • You will not sublicense our API or data to anyone.
  • You acknowledge that any breach of the terms of use or privacy policy will mean the API username and password will expire.

Policy Effective: Monday, 24 June 2013

Last updated: Monday, 30 October 2017