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Swim Meet - UWA-West Coast Club Night #4 LC-20190215

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Venue:HBF 'Challenge' Stadium
When:Friday, 15 February 2019Export to calendar
Hosted:UWA-West Coast Swimming Club
Entry Eligibility by Swimmer
Entry Eligibility by Event


Kate Reynolds

M: 0420 503 706 / E: [email protected]


4:00pm: Lanes 1-8 for Warm-up;

5:00pm: Lanes 1-8 for Racing

8:00pm: Estimated Finish.


$10.56 per entry (max. 4 events per swimmer).


9:00pm on Tuesday, 12 February 2019.


  • 50m & 100m times swum at this Club Night will be considered for selection in individual & relay places on the UWA-West Coast team for the A-Grade Premiership on Friday 1-March 2019;
  • All events are open to UWA-West Coast ‘Competitive’ members and UniSwim ‘Visitors’ with age limits applying as per the Swimming WA ‘AA’ Qualifying Times for the 2018-19 Long Course (LC) season.
  • Swimmers from UniSwim not affiliated with another Swimming WA club are welcome to attend as ‘Visitors’, but if you’ve not previously swum at a Club Night then you will require a My Swim Results entry link. Please email your name, date-of-birth and address along with the name and date-of-birth of a Guardian (emergency contact) to [email protected], following which access to the online entry link will be provided.
  • Only Swimming WA registered ‘competitive’ members (on the day of the meet) are eligible for times swum to be recognised for future sanctioned online meet entries;
  • Entries to events will close if the number of entries exceed a reasonable finish time;
  • Times achieved by non-registered ‘visitors’ will be posted on the Club’s website, but are not “official” times;
  • All Club Night swimmers are expected to provide at least one volunteer to the timekeeping roster;
  • The Meet Director and/or Club Night Coordinator reserve the right to cancel any event if required to fit within the allocated timeframe;


Please note that all Entry times must have been achieved since Monday, 1 January 2018 and must have been achieved in a Long Course (50m) pool..

Event Entry Fee: $10.65

Estimated Timeline
INFO UWSC CN LC04-20190215
MEET PROGRAM-UWSC Club Night 4-20190215
Swmm6BkupUWSC CLub Night 4 LC-20190215-02