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Swim Meet - UWA West Coast Club Night #3 SC-20210813

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Venue:Hbf Stadium
When:Friday, 13 August 2021 5:00 PM to 8:00 PMExport to calendar
Hosted:UWA West Coast Swimming Club

CLUB NIGHT #03 SC-20210813 – Championships Qualifier Opportunity


Kate Reynolds, Club Night Coordinator

Phone: 0420 503 706 or Email: [email protected]

Date: Friday 13th August 2021 hopefully in the newly refurbished 8 Lane Indoor pool

Entry Costs: $17.60 (inc GST) per entry (max. 4 events per swimmer).|5480 ENTRIES DUE:

Meet Closes: 11:00pm on Tuesday 10th August 2021.

  • All events are open to UWA-West Coast ‘Competitive’ members and squad
  • Squad swimmers who are not members of the Club are welcome to attend as ‘Visitors’., but if they’ve not previously swum at a Club Night then will need a My Swim Results entry link. Please email the swimmers name, date-of-birth, address and mobile number along with the name and date-of-birth of a Guardian (emergency contact) to [email protected], following which, access to the online entry link will be provided.
  • Only Swimming WA registered ‘competitive’ members (on the day of the meet) are eligible for times swum to be recognised for future sanctioned online meet entries. Any ‘visitor’ wanting to become a UWA-West Coast member is encouraged to contact Natalie Wilson at [email protected].
  • Entries to events will close if the number of entries exceed a reasonable finish time. If this occurs, then no late entries can be accepted;
  • Times achieved by 'Prospective' members or non-registered ‘visitors’ will be posted on the Club’s website, but are not “official” times;
  • All swimmers are expected to provide at least one volunteer to the timekeeping roster;
  • The Meet Director and/or Club Night Coordinator reserve the right to cancel any event if required to fit within the allocated timeframe.

Please note that all Entry times must have been achieved since Wednesday, 1 January 2020 from a Short Course (25m) pool. If no time is available, then it will look at the Long Course (50m) times..

Event Entry Fee: $18.57

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