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New Registration


Thanks for your interest in joining South Shore swim club.

Welcome to the new year of swimming at South Shore Swimming Club! 

We hope it will be bigger and better than ever!

Club Registration is required annually and membership type determines the level of participation.

This registration form is required for both new and renewing members.  Membership registration / re-registration is not complete until the registration fee has been received.  Until then a swimmer cannot enter in SSSC or SWA events (please note new members are entitled to attend club nights 3 times before joining).  Also note that once Membership fees have been paid, there is no refund.

The Club requires each family with a swimmer under the age of 18 to have a parent or adult member also register as a Parent/Guardian Membership.  This membership will be covered by Swimming WA's insurance policy, be protected by the rules of the Club and have voting rights at club meetings as determined by the Club Rules.

Have Fun! Swim fast with South Shore!