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Thanks for your interest in joining Southlake Dolphins swim club.

1. I agree to abide by the rules, regulations and policies of South Lake Dolphins Swimming Club, Swimming WA, Swimming Australia, the relevant Regional Swimming Association and the relevant club, including Swimming Australias Anti-Doping, Member Protection and Privacy Policies (these are available at

2.  I authorise Swimming WA to use and disclose, to related and relevant bodies any of my personal information that may be necessary to implement the rules, regulations and policies in 1 above.  I agree to have my name, results and any photograph taken during events conducted by Swimming WA, unless I or any guardian indicate otherwise, published in official programs, newsletters and websites and other media.

3. I agree to have my photograph and video taken while participating in all club events, training sessions, swim meets and during any other occasion involving South Lake Dolphins Swimming Club. I understand that photographs and/or videos may be used in brochures, presentations, the South Lake Dolphins notice board, website, Facebook page, advertising and for any other public relation purpose. If for any reason, I do not wish to have my photograph and/or video used for any of the abovementioned purposes, notice must be provided in writing to the club registrar at [email protected]