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Alessio Macri

Immediate competition in 1250m Freestyle.

Kaiden HubbardQLD 16:27.24
Ryley HarlandQLD 16:38.40
Matthew LoweQLD 16:51.66
Max PineQLD 17:26.73
Riley MudgeQLD 17:27.92
Jeremy KneenQLD 17:39.98
Hunter MudgeQLD 18:11.74
Kalani CreechQLD 19:23.31
Callum MollesQLD 19:31.62
Lucas WilsonUWSC 19:33.20

Scarborough Beach Swimming Club 11 years 1250m Freestyle (OW) Club Record History

Date Time Competitor Meet
13 Nov 2016 18:52.60 Alessio Macri Swimming WA OWS 1617 #4 - Busselton
Check with the respective club for the "official club records" which may differ as these are made up from the times submitted to the website.


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