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Compare Event Finalists Splits

  1. Use the Meet Results to find the particular meet that you are interested in. (click on the meet name)
  2. Find the event that you want.
  3. If there are splits available - there should be a "Splits Graph" link at the top of the results listing.
  4. On the right-hand side, choose the swimmers to include in the graph.

Video demonstration:


  • Swim meet used electronic timing and includes splits

Note: The graphing experience may vary depending on the capabilities of the device that is used to browse the website. eg. zooming on tablets or mobile phones is different.

An alternative quickly allows you to compare the fastest person's splits with another competitor. This can be done by clicking on the actual competitors time to visit the Time Info page. The section on Splits should include a small split graph showing 2 competitors splits on it - click on this to visit the graph.

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