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Henry Van Der Zant

Immediate competition in 2500m Freestyle.

Harrison VigBJETS 34:50.10
Aidan CroftsSOMAQ 34:54.43
Archie BatheMARIS 34:54.73
Jack L'EnfantMARIS 34:57.92
Rick PendletonGENES 35:00.79
Nicolas KilnerRACKL 35:05.62
Tex CrossWA 35:07.70
Jensen GoodchildNSW 35:09.21
Jed RowlandsSCGS 35:14.59
Harry PannellSA 35:19.00

Yeronga Park Swimming Club 15 years 2500m Freestyle (OW) Club Record History

Date Time Competitor Meet
21 Sep 2019 35:33.39 Henry Van Der Zant 2019 Vorgee Brisbane Open Water Meet
1 Oct 2016 36:49.47 Mitchell Pumpa 2016 Vorgee Brisbane Open Water Meet
Check with the respective club for the "official club records" which may differ as these are made up from the times submitted to the website.


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